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What is "evolor"?

"evolor" is an artifical term composed of "evolution" and "lore".

As our name implies, we are already thinking a step ahead!

Information technology is finding its way in more areas of our daily lifes: some years ago, internet and e-commerce where the buzzwords, but today we are seeing apps on mobile phones. And there is no stopping here: full-featured computing machines are contained in watches and sunglasses nowadays.
Computers tirelessly forge on optimizing working processes and easing daily business. We notice that in decreasing unit labor costs and increased product output.
If you want your visions of a better tomorrow become reality, evolor GmbH is the ideal partner.

Business philosophy

We differ from our competitors in some aspects which are in our opinion essential for successful software development.
It is our mission to create first-class software products that meet our customers' and our demands. We provide objective and competent advice; we illustrate consequences and alternatives. We trust that an outright and honest communication serves our customers and ourselves: potential risks and challenges are addressed early; we plan remedy and alternatives with our customers. The result is a technically flawless product with a favorable cost-value ratio and a perfectly satisfied customer.


We offer a wide range of technical services for operation of software and computer systems – from classical desktop software, via smartphone apps and web applications, to complex and heterogeneous IT architectures. Besides our core capabilities, we offer administration and management services as well as processing services for large and complex data sets. We will provide noncommittal advice on your current challenges!


Our experts possess many years of experience in software development and have successfully mastered many projects. Every project we carry out is supervised by a Senior Software Developer, monitoring the technical concept and execution. Take us at our word!

About evolor

evolor GmbH was founded in early 2011 in the capital of Germany: hosting the heart of the German media industry, providing excellent telecommunications infrastructure, and featuring nearly one hundred universities and research facilities, Berlin is the ideal place for start-ups in technical and scientific fields!
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